2016 Is Here! Announcing the 603 Alliance


2016 promises to be an exciting election year. President Obama leaving office.

Let me say that again: President Obama leaving office!

But who will replace him?  We all want a strong fiscal conservative whose first priority is reigning in government, repealing and replacing as much of the damaging regulations and laws currently in place (not only from Obama, but from his predecessors as well). But moderate and establishment types of candidates abound who have different agendas.

In the Tea Party we encourage activism – both on issues and in support of candidates who support our issues. As is stated both verbally and in our materials, we do not endorse candidates. We point out that our Founding Fathers established a system of self-governance which means the citizenry MUST BE engaged in the political process which determines who runs the government and how it is run.

If average hard working Americans are not engaged, then their input is drowned out by those seeking material gain from government – both at the lowest levels (welfare and other forms of public assistance) and at the highest levels (businesses seeking regulatory advantages and government contracts/money).

OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!  As a Tea Party we embrace opportunities and provide avenues for our members to be involved in the governing process, and in determining who will best represent them.

To that end, we are glad to announce our affiliation with the 603 Alliance, a pair of organizations devoted to rally people behind the most electable conservative candidate for president. Similar affiliations of grass roots activists are forming in Massachusetts which will be announced soon.

These are exciting times. We must be involved to make a difference and to secure our future.

603 Alliance Press Release below. Web sites:  www.603alliance.org     www.cbl-nh.com


For Immediate Release

Contact:  Fran Wendelboe

New Hampshire Activists Launch Two New Initiatives on April 19
Concord (March 19, 2015) – On April 19, in the City of Nashua, New Hampshire, the live-free-or-die state, there is going to be a loud bang very much like the shot heard around the world made on April 19, 1775 in Massachusetts.
Well-known Conservative activists and like-minded constitutionalists in New Hampshire and surrounding states will launch their new initiative, the 603 Alliance for the purpose of impacting the outcome of the New Hampshire First-in-the-National Primary election.
These activists realize from past elections that splitting their votes among numerous conservative candidates enables the moderate establishment to cruise to victory, and that only a consolidating effort on their parts will result in a victory for a conservative candidate.
The 603 Alliance has found a solution to this problem and will be revealing that plan to their supporters at the Summit meeting on April 19th, when the 603 Alliance is launched at the Crown Plaza in Nashua, NH, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Details on speakers and content of this Summit will be posted on the 603 Alliance website.  www.603alliance.org
Many Grassroots groups have already been introduced to this concept by the 603 Alliance and will be attending this Summit to endorse this initiative.
A separate, though complimentary, organization has just been launched in New Hampshire and shares principles similar to those of the 603 Alliance.  The Conservative Business League of New Hampshire, LLC (CBL-NH) is a membership organization of concerned citizens and businesses, whose goal is to educate the citizens of New Hampshire about constitutional conservative candidates who embody the principles of CBL-NH.  These principles include personal and economic freedom, as well as working toward a debt-free future.
The focus of CBL-NH includes immigration reform, tax reform, and adherence to the 1st, 2nd, 9th, and 10th amendments to the US Constitution.   The primary focus for 2015 will be the Presidential Primary and the conservative candidates, with a shift in 2016 to the State and Federal races.
CBL-NH will provide support for candidates by holding events for its members and supporters.  In addition, CBL-NH will aggressively promote and provide candidate access to non-traditional Republicans, constitutionalists and conservatives, disenfranchised voters, and undeclared voters.
For more information about the 603 Alliance or CBL-NH, contact Fran Wendelboe, spokesperson, at 603-381-7988 or go to the websites www.603alliance.org or www.cbl-nh.com
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Di Lothrop

Article V Convention – the Debate at the Greater Boston Tea Party – Boston Meeting


On Monday, January 5th, at the Lir restaurant in Boston, the Greater Boston Tea Party hosted a discussion / debate on the Article V Convention process, similarly known as a Convention Of the States, and sometimes referred to as a Constitutional Convention or Con-Con.

Catherine White (Facebook, Constitution Decoded website) spoke against an Article V Convention. Tom Weaver (Facebook) spoke for an Article V Convention.  Also joining the discussion was John Lock, Massachusetts Coalitions Director for the Convention Of the States organization (pro) and Hal Shurtleff, Regional Coordinator fro the John Birch Society (against). Patrick Humphries, President of the Greater Boston Tea Party, moderated.

The Tea Party has been fighting to return the federal government to its Constitutionally limited functions. We The People are anxious to fix the wide variety of things that have gone wrong.

One suggested remedy has been to amend the Constitution through a Article V Convention, to reign in government. This is notably suggested by Mark Levin’s book “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic”  Even the title is alluring “Restoring the American Republic.” But is this the best way to go?

Opponents are concerned about a “runaway convention” where “anything goes” and where we could lose what we currently have. Proponents believe it is out best opportunity to reign in the federal government.

After that introduction, we were off and running. Tom opened up the discussion for roughly 10 minutes, presenting his case. Then Catherine presented her side, again for roughly ten minutes. Then there was an opportunity for them to engage each other, at which point the audience also made some contributions to the discussion. The John and Hal had a few minutes each to provide additional information. That portion was followed by opening up the discussion with audience questions.

It was a lively discussion, with both sides presenting, clarifying, informing, and at time it was a little heated. As I pointed out repeatedly – all present are truly vested in restoring our government to its Constitutionally limited functions. The question before us was: Is an Article V Convention the remedy, with the States controlling the process, or would a runaway convention ensue and make things worse.
Chris Maider of MeatandPotatoes2012 filmed the event

Which side won? Were any minds changed? Leave comments below.
Constitutional _Convention

Just in time for Christmas: Tea Party Reading for Children


We’ve heard the horror stories: liberal teachers indoctrinating our children with a negative vision of America. Here are some books to help you fight back, by showing your children and grandchildren the truth about our country: that it’s a land of extraordinary individuals and a force for good in the world. They make great Christmas presents:

Ages 5 and up


I_am_Abraham_LincolnMystery writer Brad Meltzer is now writing biographies of outstanding individuals for children, specifically his own children. His “I am” series, which includes I Am Amelia Earhart, I Am Rosa Parks, and I Am Abraham Lincoln, is for early readers (Ages 5-8). Heroes for my Son and Heroes for My Daughter are for older children. http://www.amazon.com/Brad-Meltzer/e/B000APEDVC


Ages 6 and up


D_is_for_DemocracyD is for Democracy: A Citizens Alphabet by Elissor D. Grodin. “Despite the banter in today’s media, many Americans are still in the dark when it comes to knowing and acting upon their rights and responsibilities as citizens of a democratic society. In refreshingly candid and straight-to-the-point language author Elissa Grodin takes readers of all ages on an A-Z trip through our government’s structure, from its earliest beginnings to definitions of basic components and concepts (including immigration and taxation).” Ages: 6-9 http://www.amazon.com/Democracy-Citizens-Alphabet-Books/dp/1585363286/

D_is_for_Drinking_GourdD is for Drinking Gourd:  An African American Alphabet by Nancy I. Sanders. “The tapestry of American history is made up of countless threads marking the contributions of people from many different backgrounds and cultures. D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet showcases many of the remarkable achievements of and contributions from African Americans throughout our history.” Ages: 6-9 http://www.amazon.com/Is-Drinking-Gourd-American-Alphabet-Arts/dp/1585364746

Rebekkahs_JourneyRebekkah’s Journey: A World War II Refugee Story by Ann E. Burg. “In 1944 a vacant army base in upstate New York became the temporary home of over 900 men, women and children who had fled Europe towards the end of World War II. With little more than the clothing on their backs, Rebekkah and her mother are just two of the many refugees who come to live in the camp. Adjusting to a strange new world and a new language, Rebekkah puts aside her own fears to try and recreate tiny bits of home for her mother. A fictional story based on the real-life experiences of surviving refugees, Rebekkah’s Journey shares the illuminating story of one refugee’s arrival on America’s shores.” Ages: 6-9  http://www.amazon.com/Rebekkahs-Journey-World-Refugee-Americans/dp/1585362751

Twice_as_GoodTwice as Good: The Story of William Powell and Clearview, the Only Golf Course Designed, Built, and Owned by an African American by Richard Michelson. “To nine-year-old Willie Powell, there was no prettier sight than the smooth grass lawns of Edgewater Golf Cource. He had been so eager to see them that he’d run seven miles to where the course was situated outside of town. But his elation didn’t last. When he asked two golfers if they’d teach him the game, one man responded by saying, ‘Son, didn’t anyone ever tell you that your kind is not welcome here?’ In the 1920′s there was no place for Willie, or any black person, on a golf course. It was a game for white people only, at least in America. But his enthusiasm for golf and his belief in what he knew to be right drove Willie Powell to change that, and to change minds.” Ages: 6-10 http://www.amazon.com/Twice-Good-Clearview-Designed-American/dp/1585364665

Priscilla_and_the_HollyhocksPriscilla and the Hollyhocks by Anne Broyles. “Priscilla is only four years old when her mother is sold to another master. All Priscilla has to remember her mother by are the hollyhocks she planted by the cow pond. At age ten, Priscilla is sold to a Cherokee family and continues her life as a slave. She keeps hope for a better life alive by planting hollyhocks wherever she goes. At last, her forced march along the Trail of Tears brings a chance encounter that leads to her freedom.” Ages: 6-9. http://www.amazon.com/Priscilla-Hollyhocks-Anne-Broyles/dp/1570916756

Dear_Benjamin_BannekerDear Benjamin Banneker by Andrea Davis Pinkney. “Throughout his life Banneker was troubled that all blacks were not free. And so, in 1791, he wrote to Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, who had signed the Declaration of Independence. Banneker attacked the institution of slavery and dared to call Jefferson a hypocrite for owning slaves. Jefferson responded. This is the story of Benjamin Banneker–his science, his politics, his morals, and his extraordinary correspondence with Thomas Jefferson.” Ages: 6-10. http://www.amazon.com/Benjamin-Banneker-Andrea-Davis-Pinkney/dp/0152018921

The McGuffey Readers (McGuffeys Eclectic Readers Series) by William Holmes McGuffey. “Mott Media has Republished the 1830′s Version of the McGuffey Readers with the Original Christian Content! How would McGuffey teach reading if he were here today? His first concern would be that the content should promote moral growth and excellence of mind in habits, attitudes, and literary tastes. And Bible selections would be at the top of his reading list. McGuffey also believed in phonics for beginning reading.” Available as box set (7 volumes) or books may be purchased individually. Ages: 6+. http://www.amazon.com/McGuffey-McGuffeys-Eclectic-Readers-William/dp/0880620145

Ages 7 and up


Mercedes_and_the_Chocolate_PilotMercedes and the Chocolate Pilot: A True Story of the Berlin Airlift and the Candy that Dropped from the Sky by  Margaret Theis Raven. “Life was grim in 1948 West Berlin, Germany. Josef Stalin blockaded all ground routes coming in and out of Berlin to cut off West Berliners from all food and essential supplies. Without outside help, over 2.2 million people would die. Thus began the Berlin Airlift, a humanitarian rescue mission that utilized British and American airplanes and pilots to fly in needed supplies. As one of the American pilots participating in the Airlift mission, Lt. Gail S. Halvorsen helped to provide not only nourishment to the children but also gave them a reason to hope for a better world. From one thoughtful, generous act came a lifelong relationship between Lt. Gail and the children of Berlin. This is the true story of a seven-year-old girl named Mercedes who lived in West Berlin during the Airlift and of the American who came to be known as the Chocolate Pilot.” Ages: 7-9.  http://www.amazon.com/Mercedes-Chocolate-Pilot-Margot-Theis/dp/1585360694

Midnight_Ride_of_Paul_RevereThe Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, illustrated by Christopher Bing. “A meticulous researcher, Bing includes material that provides texture to history, maps that follow the British campaign to quell the rebellious citizenry, as well as the patriots ride into the Massachusetts night of April, 1775.”  Ages: 7+. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1929766130/


Ages 8 and up


Sleeping Bear Press’s American Adventures. Each book has three stories and the main characters are teens.  Ages: 8-11. The first three books in the series are:


Philip Reid Saves the Statue of Freedom by Steven Sellers Lapham and Eugene Walton. “On December 2, 1863, a bronze statue was placed atop the dome of the United States Capitol Building. Standing more than 19 feet tall, the figure called “Freedom” was designed and created during a period of great turmoil in American history. But at one point during its creation, it wasn’t clear the statue would even get to its final destination. One man, in particular, played an important role in seeing the statue through to completion. His name was Philip Reid and he was a slave.” Ages: 8-11. http://www.amazon.com/Philip-Reid-Saves-Statue-Freedom/dp/1585368199

Childhood of Famous Americans Series. When we were kids, this was the starting point for every school assignment to write a report about a great American. Includes biographies of Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, Abraham Lincoln, and dozens of others. Ages: 8-12. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/?series_id=108329

Little_HouseThe Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. “The set includes: Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, Farmer Boy, On the Banks of Plum Creek, By the Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, These Happy Golden Years, and The First Four Years.” Books may also be purchased individually. Ages: 8-12.  http://www.amazon.com/Little-House-Nine-Book-Box-Set/dp/0064400409/


Ages 9 and up

Friends_of_LibertyFriends of Liberty by Beatrice Gormley. “It’s 1773, and Boston is in political turmoil. As tension rises between England and the colonies, lines are being drawn between the Loyalists and the Patriots. And Sally Gifford, a shoemaker’s daughter, finds herself on the opposite side from her best friend Kitty Lawton, the daughter of a wealthy merchant.” Ages: 9-11. http://www.amazon.com/Friends-Liberty-Beatrice-Gormley/dp/0802854184

Johnny Tremain by Esther Hoskins Forbes. A classic. “The Year: 1773. The place: Boston. Johnny Tremain is fourteen and apprenticed to a silversmith. He is gifted and lords his skills over the other apprentices, until one day his hand is horribly burned by molten silver. Johnny’s dreams of silversmithing are over. A depressed Johnny finds work as a dispatch rider for the Committee of Public Safety, a job that brings him in touch with Boston patriots—and the excitement that will lead to the Tea Party and the Battle of Lexington. This paperback edition of the 1944 Newbery Medal-winning novel includes an introduction by Newbery Honor author Gary D. Schmidt.” Ages: 9-12. http://www.amazon.com/Johnny-Tremain-Esther-Hoskins-Forbes/dp/0547614322

Ages 10 and up


Rush_Revere_and_the_Brave_PilgrimsThe Rush Revere Series: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans by Rush Limbaugh. “America’s #1 radio talk-show host and multi-million-copy #1 New York Times bestselling author presents a book for young readers with a history teacher who travels back in time to have adventures with exceptional Americans.” The first books in the series are Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims and Rush Revere and the First Patriots. Ages: 10-13.  http://www.amazon.com/Rush-Limbaugh/e/B000APZECY/

Give_Me_LibertyRussell Freedman writes great early American history books with a variety of interesting anecdotes to interest young readers. Ages: 10+. His works include:


Mayflower_and_the_Pilgrims_New_WorldThe Mayflower and the Pilgrim’s New World by Nathaniel Philbrick. “After a dangerous journey across the Atlantic, the Mayflower’s passengers were saved from certain destruction with the help of the Natives of the Plymouth region. For fifty years a fragile peace was maintained as Pilgrims and Native Americans learned to work together. But when that trust was broken by the next generation of leaders, a conflict erupted that nearly wiped out Pilgrims and Natives alike. Adapted from the New York Times bestseller Mayflower specifically for younger readers, this edition includes additional maps, artwork, and archival photos.” Ages: 10+. http://www.amazon.com/The-Mayflower-Pilgrims-New-World/dp/0142414581

Young Adult


Ann Rinaldi writes stories for and about girls growing up in Colonial America. Themes of freedom run through many of her stories, including Or Give Me Death: A Novel of Patrick Henry’s Family. Ages: 11-14. http://www.amazon.com/Ann-Rinaldi/e/B000AQ4LZ4

Winter_HorsesThe Winter Horses by Philip Kerr. “From Philip Kerr, the New York Times bestselling author of the Bernie Gunther novels, comes a breathtaking journey of survival in the dark days of WWII in Ukraine, a country that remains tumultuous today. This inspiring tale captures the power of the human spirit and is perfect for fans of The Book Thief, Milkweed, and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.” Ages: 12+. http://www.amazon.com/The-Winter-Horses-Philip-Kerr/dp/0385755430

The Widow’s War by Sally Gunning. This is an adult fiction about being widowed in 1760 Brewster, Cape Cod. Sandwich High School put it on its reading list and lots of students were reading it. “Married for twenty years to Edward Berry, Lyddie is used to the trials of being a whaler’s wife in the Cape Cod village of Satucket, Massachusetts—running their house herself during her husband’s long absences at sea, living with the daily uncertainty that Edward will simply not return. And when her worst fear is realized, she finds herself doubly cursed. She is overwhelmed by grief, and her property and rights are now legally in the hands of her nearest male relative: her daughter’s overbearing husband, whom Lyddie cannot abide. Lyddie decides to challenge both law and custom for control of her destiny, but she soon discovers the price of her bold ‘war’ for personal freedom to be heartbreakingly dear.”  http://www.amazon.com/The-Widows-War-A-Novel/dp/0060791586

Got others? Email Patrick Humphries at phumphries@greaterbostonteaparty.com

Quoted descriptions are from Amazon.com.

Thank you, Mary Wagner, for suggesting many of the books in this list.

Continue Your Work and Vote! (and continue to be engaged)!


Continue Your Work and Vote!
(and continue to be engaged)!

This is the issue of this election: Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.  – Ronald Reagan, “A Time for Choosing”, Oct. 27, 1964.

One update to Reagan’s statement – this is the issue in EVERY ELECTION. It took us 100 years to get this far away from our Founding Fathers’ vision of America. Our country’s problems will not be solved simply be the “Second Revolution” which began with the elections of Scott Brown and the Tea Party conservative House members in 2010, or in the elections of 2012, 2014, or even 2016. It demands our constant and on-going attention and involvement – “…our capacity for self-government.

It is exceptionally important that you vote, and encourage as many of you like-minded friends to vote as well. This election season we will see a fair amount of voter fraud – a strong turn-out is our best weapon against this.

Many of us followed the “Limbaugh Rule” (a modern update to the frequently maligned “Buckley Rule”) this past year, both here in Massachusetts and across the nation.

  • The Limbaugh Rule: In an election year when voters are fed up with liberalism and socialism, when voters are clearly frightened of where the hell the country is headed, vote for the most conservative Republican in the primary, period.

You need to support those who believe in a more limited government versus those who believe in ever-expanding government. Regardless of whether your candidate won or lost in the primary.  A non-vote, or vote for an independent or even “Mickey Mouse” means that the government expansionists will win.

There are limited government representatives of the people running out there – you hopefully found them and supported them. We cannot “abandon the American revolution.” Now is the time to vote.

VOTE TOMORROW!  And of course it does not end there – you must engage your representatives and persuade them to vote and act your way on issues. When voting, keep that in mind. A Republican will typically be more likely to respond to you as an activist then a Democrat. Most Democrats would turn a deaf ear to you (I am aware of at least one Democrat legislator who regularly listens to Tea Party activists). You need to vote for someone who you think you can influence and lobby in the future.

  • In voting for state-wide offices, overwhelmingly the Democrat candidates are unashamedly promoting the expansion of taxation and government into every aspect of our lives. Democrats offer increasing and progressive taxation, more regulation, more welfare benefits and one party rule where politicians are never held to account.
  • Republicans are promoting government transparency, and promote smaller government which is less intrusive in our lives and our free markets. There is an Auditor candidate who actually wants to audit, an Attorney General candidate who wants to prosecute corruption (fully contrasting our current AG), a Secretary of State candidate who foremost believes in transparency, and a Governor candidate who wants to manage and make it a smaller and less-intrusive bureaucracy!  While as Tea Party activists we demand more conservatism from Republicans, it is definitely true that they will be more responsive to our efforts and entreaties to vote and act our way.

And while many may need to collapse from over-exertion and exhaustion after Tuesday, and some may be celebrating, and some may be lamenting the results,  we need to continue to be engaged. “See you on the other side.”

REMINDER:  Our Boston Meeting is NEXT MONDAY, November 10th – Beers, Cheers and Tears. See you then!

Ballot Questions – Massachusetts


From the GBTP October 6th Boston meeting – hear from representatives on all four ballot questions!

Steering Committee member Kat Hess led the efforts to invite representatives from both sides of all four of the ballot questions to come and “make their case”. We had positive “we’ll try to make it” responses from both sides on two of the questions; in the end though, we only had representatives from one side on each ballot question.

The sides we ended up hearing from represented: “Yes-No-Yes-No”. This mirrors what Howie Carr’s October 14th column suggesting a “Yes-No-Yes-No” vote: “It’s Simple: Yes. No. Yes. No.” Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has also announced (from its website Voter Education / Ballot Question link) its position on the ballot questions, essentially “Yes. No. __. No.” (they are not taking a position on Question 3).

I agree with Howie and Mass Fiscal. Three of the questions (1, 2, and 4) are clear expansions of government intruding into our lives, either needlessly taking money away from citizens and/or regulating how private companies and people go about their own business.

Those three questions are pretty clear to Tea Party people, so I go with: Yes. No. [you make up your mind] and No.

Why [you make up your mind] on Question 3? Because one of our primary goals is not to tell you how to vote, but to inform people and to have them make up their own minds. Again, on three of the questions, I think the appropriate votes are pretty clear to Tea Party minded people. On Question 3, I believe reasonable people can disagree, so I invite you to investigate for yourself.

Libertarians typically look more toward local control and would reject the idea of a state-wide law, while a numb er of conservatives, concerned with the potentially negative effects a casino may have on local communities, would like to restrict casinos.

We report (inform) to allow you to decide (presenting Mark Fisher from the group Repeal the Casino Deal and asking you to visit the web site against repeal -  Coalition to Protect Mass Jobs). We truly wish we had representatives from both sides on all the questions – none more so than on Question 3, but that did not work out.

Edward Wagner, who assists in organizing the GBTP Boston meetings, took recordings of the event which are displayed below, with the appropriate ballot questions. Information on the questions, from Ballotpedia, is presented after the videos.

I introduced the event:

Pat Humphries at Boston Tea Party meeting 6 Oct. 2014 – YouTube

Question 1. Repeals 2013 law that automatically increases gas taxes according to inflation

For: Shawn Craig representing Tank The Gas Tax

Shawn Craig to the Boston Tea Party on Ballot Question 1. 6Oct – YouTube



Question 2. Expands the state’s beverage container recycling law to include all non-alcoholic containers

For: Representative from Yes On 2 (unconfirmed) – did not appear.

Against: Emilee Ellison and Brian Houghton  (No on Question 2)

To the Boston Tea Party on the bottle bill Ballot Question 2 – YouTube



Question 3. Repeals a 2011 law allowing resort casinos

Against: Representative from Coalition to Protect Mass Jobs (unconfirmed) – did not appear.

For: Mark Fisher from Repeal the Casino Deal

Mark Fisher speaks on Ballot Question 3 to the Boston Tea party – YouTube

Question 4. Entitles certain employees to earn and utilize paid sick days

Against: Bill Vernon from NFIB – National Federation of Independent Business

Bill Vernon of the NFIB speaks on Question 4 at the GBTP – YouTube



Here are the summaries from Ballotpedia:

Type Title Subject Description
CISS Question 1 Gas taxes Repeals 2013 law that automatically increases gas taxes according to inflation
CISS Question 2 Environment Expands the state’s beverage container recycling law to include all non-alcoholic containers
CISS Question 3 Gambling Repeals a 2011 law allowing resort casinos
CISS Question 4 Labor Entitles certain employees to earn and utilize paid sick days

“A Time For Choosing” – Reagan’s speech 50th Anniversary Oct. 27, 1964

Reagan’s “A Time For Choosing” speech was a televised campaign address for the 1964 Goldwater Presidential Campaign. One of my favorite portions is included in the three paragraph’s below.

Not too long ago, two friends of mine were talking to a Cuban refugee, a businessman who had escaped from Castro, and in the midst of his story one of my friends turned to the other and said, “We don’t know how lucky we are.” And the Cuban stopped and said, “How lucky you are? I had someplace to escape to.” And in that sentence he told us the entire story. If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.

And this idea that government is beholden to the people, that it has no other source of power except the sovereign people, is still the newest and the most unique idea in all the long history of man’s relation to man.

This is the issue of this election: Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.

Here is a link to the text of the speech. Below is a YouTube video of the speech.


Fifty years ago. Much of the facts are dated – but the downward trend has only worsened. Reagan speaks of spending BILLIONS, while today we spend TRILLIONS. “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” is another Reagan quote which came from this speech.

Fifty years ago – when a strong conservative had the fortitude and strength of convictions to proudly state his positions and to call out the proponents of the welfare state on its failures. The struggle is eternal and we must always remain vigilant. That is why we must remember another warning and admonishment from Reagan:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.  Here it in Reagan’s own words (from Reagan’s address to the annual meeting of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce – March 30th, 1961).



Harry Reid Wants To Pass A Constitutional Amendment To Prevent You From Seeing This Movie!!!

Ridiculous you say?  Not so – remember Citizens United vs the FEC? Citizens United produced Hillary The Movie during the 2008 elections, but was banned from distributing it by the FEC. The Supreme Court overturned the McCain-Feingold law based on that case, so Harry Reid wants to restrict free speech via a Constitutional Amendment (Wall Street Journal: Harry Reid Rewrites the First Amendment).

UNFAIR: Exposing the IRS does just that – it tells the story of the IRS attacks on:

  • Freedom of speech by delayed approvals of tax statuses for Tea Party and other conservative organizations over several years
  • Parents adopting children internationally (a FIVE YEAR AUDIT ?!?!)
  • A veterans’ group which accepted small donations to offset food costs – crippling them with a $50,000 fine!
  • And more…
I (Patrick Humphries) saw a pre-release version of this at CPAC in 2014. It is GOOD!   I was very impressed both with the stories being told (the IRS targeting MANY people, not just Tea Party groups) and the emotional roller-coaster it invoked in me. I went through sadness and anger, combined with determination and rage, because the targeting of citizens by the government is one of the ultimate evils of our time.

One Night Only! Unfair will expose the ABUSES of power by the IRS, provide information to activists on how to abolish the IRS and restore their liberties. Limited seating, tickets on sale now, share with your friends.

The Greater Boston Tea Party is asking its members to go to the Burlington, Boston or Randolph theaters, if you are looking to meet up with fellow GBTP Tea Partiers. Facebook events below:

UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Burlington
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Randolph
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Boston

To find a theater, especially one outside of Massachusetts, or to purchase your tickets (if available), you can check out this link.
Here is the movie trailer:

Here is an interview with the producer, Craig Bergman, done by Mike Huckabee.

UNFAIR: Exposing The IRS is showing at the theaters listed below, with all the Facebook Events for Massachusetts located underneath this list.

Bellingham 14 Framingham 15 Blackstone Valley MILLBURY
Fenway 13 BOSTON Hampshire Mall 15 Hadley Randolph Showcase Cinemas
Burlington 10 Independence Mall 14 KINGSTON Revere Showcase Cinemas
Legacy Place DEDHAM Lowell Showcase Cinemas Regal Swansea Stadium 12
Patriot Place FOXBORO Solomon Pond Mall 15 MARLBOROUGH
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Burlington
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Kingston
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Dedham
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Hadley
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Springfield
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Lowell
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Swansea
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Bellingham
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Revere
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Foxborough
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Millbury
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Marlborough
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Randolph
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Boston
UnFair The Movie: Exposing the IRS – Framingham


Justina Pellitier – FREE AT LAST!


Over the past 7-8 months (and earlier for some others) people became aware of Justina Pellitier’s situation. After 16 months of horrific treatment at the hands of Boston Childrens Hospital, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, Judge Joseph Johnston, and Governor Deval Patrick, she was finally set free on June 17th. She entered the hospital with a case of the flu (relatively healthy), wanting to see a specific specialist, and after 16 months of torture and hell, finally was …. allowed to see the doctor she wanted to see in the first place. And two months after that (August 17th) her parents and a number of supporters came together for Justina’s Sparkle Party. She is a sweet and fun-filled girl who deserves a normal life. It was great to finally meet her and also meet some phenomenal people who helped her cause.

Justina is a wonderfully cheerful and energetic girl from Hartford Connecticut who has a condition called mitochondrial disease, as diagnosed and treated by doctors at Tuft’s Medical Center. Suffering symptoms of the flu, she went from Hartford by ambulance to Boston Children’s hospital to see a doctor who had seen her in the past Tufts. The doctors in the Emergency Room at BCH insisted instead she had somatoform disorder, essentially meaning  “it was all in her head.”  After three days, when the parents saw no improvement and wanted to take Justina to Tufts, they were met with armed guards and a decision – treat her as Childrens insists or loose your parental rights. The result: after being locked up for 16 months (mostly in a psychiatric unit), only able to see her family one hour a week, the father put under a gag order, being taken off medications she had been on for years, and her health deteriorating to the point where she was wheelchair bound, she is “free at last!”

The ordeal, the hell Justina and her family was put through at the hands of Childrens, Masachusetts DCF, Judge Johnston, and Governor Patrick is over! To celebrate, family and friends held a Justina’s Sparkling Homecoming Celebration!!

A joyous occasion, and I was finally able to meet this wonderful young lady. I was also able to meet many great people who had stepped up, including Becky Rangel (from CA) and Melissa Kerins who were really troopers in helping to resolve the situation. Justina is finally going back to school (after being denied an education while in captivity) and is anxious to be reunited with her friends there.

Below are some pictures from the event.  Many of her well wishers submitted contributions to a “welcome home / Happy Birthday” video located here.

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What is your child’s school doing to observe Constitution Day?


What is your child’s school doing to observe Constitution Day?

from the Greater Boston Tea Party

This summer we got yet another reminder that the Constitution is the foundation of the liberties we enjoy in the United States. In a 9-0 ruling, the Supreme Court struck down Barack Obama’s illegal and ultraliberal recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. I never cease to marvel at the wisdom of the Founding Fathers in crafting a charter of liberties that, over two centuries after it was written, continues to protect us from the arbitrary exercise of authority.Wednesday, September 17 is Constitution Day – the 227th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution at Independence Hall in 1787. Constitution Day is a wonderful opportunity to pass on the values of the Constitution to the next generation.

Wednesday, September 17 is Constitution Day – the 227th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution at Independence Hall in 1787. Constitution Day is a wonderful opportunity to pass on the values of the Constitution to the next generation.

I urge you to talk to your child’s teachers and school administrators, and the members of your local school board, and ask them what they are doing to observe Constitution Day.

Here in Massachusetts, the law requires that in “In all public elementary and high schools American history and civics, including the constitution of the United States, the declaration of independence and the bill of rights…shall be taught as required subjects for the purpose of promoting civic service and a greater knowledge thereof, and of fitting the pupils, morally and intellectually, for the duties of citizenship.” (ALM GL ch. 71, §2)

I also note there is a requirement for the Governor of Massachusetts to proclaim Constitution Day (ALM GL ch. 6, §15A). While “His Excellency Governor Deval L. Patrick” has proclaimed Constitution Day in two of his seven years in office (in 2011 and 2012), the proclamations conclude with a relatively weak “… And urge all the citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.”  The law sets a loftier expectation of the Governor:

Section 15A. The governor shall annually issue a proclamation setting apart the seventeenth day of September as Constitution Day and recommending that it be observed by the people with appropriate exercises in the schools and otherwise so that the eventful day on which the Constitution of the United States was formally adopted may forever remain enshrined in the hearts and minds of the people, and so that they may be reminded on that date annually of the blessings of liberty which they enjoy by the adoption of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all other amendments thereto.

I fully embrace the sentiment of the proclamation the law instructs the governor to “annually issue.”  Even in absence of the legally required proclamation, the two sections of law together strongly point to September 17th as being the perfect day to observe Constitution Day by instructing students on the importance of the Constitution in civics and our history of self governance.

A list of some of the online resources available to help them (or to use at home) appears below. They’re all good, but a couple stand out:

  • The Constitutional Rights Foundation’s Constitution Day page contains Lesson Plans for all age groups, from plays for 3rd through 5th graders about the dangers of unwarranted search and seizure and the importance of trial by jury, to readings for older students about the major issues at the Constitutional Convention. http://www.crf-usa.org/constitution-day/constitution-day-lesson-plans-kindergarten-middle-and-high-school.html
  • Constitution USA. This entertaining 4-part series from PBS is hosted by Peter Sagal of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me (clearly a source that won’t be objectionable to left-wing educators!) It covers many of today’s disputes about the Constitution, such as gun rights, the EPA, and federal laws against medical marijuana. Mr. Sagal interviews people on both sides of the aisle, so you’ll hear some things that you don’t agree with, but also much that you do. http://www.pbs.org/tpt/constitution-usa-peter-sagal/home/

Feel free to e-mail me at phumphries@greaterbostonteaparty.com and let me know how it goes with the school. Greater Boston Tea Party is dedicated to opening the eyes of our fellow citizens to the Constitution. We’re eager to share any stories about what works (and learn from what doesn’t!).

If you would like to obtain some of those pocket Constitutions in bulk for distribution at your child’s school, e-mail me at phumphries@greaterbostonteaparty.com and we can make arrangements to get them to you.

I would like to thank Mike Isenberg for pulling the resource material for this together, and for the other members of the GBTP Steering Committee for their contributions as well.

Thank you for your support. Let’s work together to make Constitution Day 2014 a day when our message of Constitutional government rings loud and clear.

Patrick Humphries

President, Greater Boston Tea Party

Teaching the Constitution – Online Resources

Election Day!


This is the day to make your voices (and votes) heard.

And if you are able, you should be taking the day off from your regular work to go out and participate in the political process! You can bet that all those who are voting “as their work” (i.e. voting for those who in turn give their base government hand-outs and crony windfalls) will be out in force. YOU need to be out there too, making a difference for limited government, lower taxes, and more individual liberty and responsibility.